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Renee Emerson is the author of Keeping Me Still, forthcoming from Winter Goose Publishing (2014). She earned her MFA in poetry from Boston University, where she was also awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize in 2009. She is also the author of three chapbooks of poetry: Where Nothing Can Grow (Batcat Press, 2012), The Whitest Sheets (Maverick Duck Press, 2011), and Something Like Flight (Sargent Press, 2010). Her poetry has been published in 32 Poems, Christianity and Literature, Indiana Review, Literary Mama, Southern Humanities Review, storySouth, and elsewhere. Renee teaches creative writing and composition at a small Christian university in Georgia, where she lives with her husband and daughters

I am a Southerner, a poet, young mom to two two-and-under, a wife, a believer, an English professor, the oldest of three daughters.

I believe in singing each and every day, a clean kitchen, and  the ever-sustaining powers of coffee.

I like baking things with my two year old, long walks by the river with my husband, a really good line break, letters, and when it rains all day long.

I am always looking for: yardsale vintage typewriters, a reason to visit our hometown favorite bakery, poets I’ve never read before, the quiet moments in busy days

I know more about commas than I care to, every lyric to DCFC’s Transatlanticism, that Tennessee will always be my heart’s home

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